-- An Interactive Look at Today's Weather

Some of you have already seen this, thank you for your input and ideas. I've decided to go ahead and make it "live", however, I would still consider it to be in beta stages.

What is it? After seeing website that uses crime data posted by the Chicago Police Dept, I thought it would be cool to take storm report data posted by the SPC and put it into Google Maps. You can scroll, zoom in and out, and click on the icons to see where the report was received.

I did it mainly to see if I could actually do it, and decided that it would warrant it's own domain and host (Thanks to David Drummond and Drylinehosting). Once I got it working, I added a database to increase I/O speed and perhaps show some of the biggest storm days received so far.

Anyways.. I hope you like it and I always like feedback!
I think this is a VERY cool deal! You can filter, zoom, click-for-details, see on a satellite land map, etc... Google maps is awesome to begin with, and the integration of SPC Prelim Storm Reports with GMaps is an awesome idea! No more guessing where 3 SSW Anadarko is relative to my own chase log if I can just zoom in to see.... Cool stuff!
Very awesome indeed, amazing what people are doing with Google Maps. :) One question: Is there anyway to get data before May 5, 2004 in there? Thanks!

I like it... I took a look at it today with that crazy squall line in MN and it seems to be doing a fairly good job... I like the amount of details you get with the zoom function...
I love this page.....

Great Idea.....

However.... I would be VERY careful about that Paypal thingy in the corner.....

The site is in clear violation of Google Maps Terms of use.... Specifically that the site is to be used for personal use only.

Here is an interesting article on the subject

But then again on the beta google maps groups site..... they don't necessarily take a hard line approach.

Hard to tell what google is up to here. Whether they will pull the plug on the hacks or start charging.... or just steal the ideas of the hackers.

In the mean time....... This is a great way for me to let my reporters know where the wind damage is so they can go get some video.

I am relatively new to the forum here and came across this threat just last evening. I love the interactive aspect to this and find it very appealing, compared to the SPC maps.

Keep up the great work...!

Regards -
Nice pice of codeing :D

just a question ~ when the NWS gives a location for a tornado, what do they use for that location?

Is it were the tornado first formed (this seems to be the case) ~ the center of the track path or the point where the tornado was the most intence.

I was looking at the unrated tornados from May 29th 2004 around Harper and the NWS seems to use the start point of the tornado.