Stormchaser Lost at sea

We were thinking exactly what you were thinking right now when you jus tread the title of this post!!

This was the headline that we found on the front of a newspaper on a stand outside a petrol station near to Pensacola, Florida two days after Hurricane Ivan had made landfall.

The strength seemed to drain from me as I shouted to my chase partner, Jim Bartlett – “S@#t - HAVE YOU SEEN THE HEADLINE ON THAT PAPER !!!â€￾

On closer examination it was a historical article from 1955 reprinted for the 19th September 2004.

It certainly shocked us both at the time.

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Yea me too Adrian,

However the point being that the Lake City Reporter was irresponsible to publish this article as few days after a major hurricane had just made landfall.
By the sound of this thread, that headline caught your attention...

That's exactly what the editors and publishers wanted, they will do anything to get people to pick up the paper...
That is a bit is likely to scare the pants off of folks. Maybe it could have been a story inside the paper but NOT a cover story. Or they could have changed the title a LITTLE, like Stormchaser lost at sea in 1955

Well, I don't know how many folks got their pants scared off of them by this headline... I mean, chances are there'll be some sort of "Pileup Causes 15 Deaths" or another sort of headline on the frontpage anyways. Whether its about one stormchaser lost at sea, or two cops killed in a drive-by shooting, chances are there'd be some sort of 'violence' or 'death' article on the frontpage... I thought it was rather intriquing, actually. Grabbed a lot of people's attention I suppose...