Storm Hawk "Reporter"

Mike Smith

I am pleased to report the latest upgrade to Storm Hawk® along with lower pricing. Using the T-Mobile aircard, and using their rebate, the purchase price for a complete system is $1,495. The ongoing monthly cost for data, software upates and unlimited communications is just $39.95 per month. Of course, you can still take advantage of all PDA functions including email, web surfing, etc., in that monthly fee.

In addition, for qualified storm spotters only, we will include our new "Reporter" software that will allow you to report severe storms from the field quickly and easily with a few touches to the Storm Hawk screen. These reports will immediately flow through WeatherData to the appropriate National Weather Service.

Storm Hawk uses the National Weather Service's new geographic polygon warnings which, based on a recent study, are as much as 70% smaller than the county warnings. The full text of each warning is available.

If you would like more information, you can go to , however, you will not see information about "Reporter" because it is not available to the general public. Please email me at [email protected] if you would like to see a sample of the "Reporter" screens. You can also call (800) 999-2075 and ask to speak to a Storm Hawk sales representative.
not very helpful

Been to their site they are very secretive on what their gui looks like or information on what technology they use atleast wx worx shows a better example of all of this so i understand their system easily.

But this company seems to be hiding things unless its their idea to get u to call them and then they send ya all the goody information.

I have to disagree with you about secrecy. Please go to: and you can see the GUI simply by clicking on "Tour Storm Hawk."

You have to understand the point of the Reporter function: To get reliable reports to the NWS and to the public. Yes, there is an automated QC algorithm in the data stream, but we don't want the public at large to have Reporter and flood us with questionable reports.

We are working on a way to get the information about "Reporter" out without making it available to the public at large, but it is not ready yet. If I knew how to post graphics on Storm Track, I would post them for the community to see so you didn't have to call us.

In the meantime, if you would like to email me at [email protected] I'd be happy to send you photos of the Reporter screen. Promise not to send you anything else!

Nothing sinister here!