Storm Chasing Series Online

Hi chasers! I work as a copy editor at The Roanoke (Va.) Times newspaper, but I have a nice side gig as weather columnist both for the printed paper and for our web site, I was very flattered to find a column of mine posted here once before. Thanks!

Recently, I had the privilege of traveling with a group of student storm chasers led by teacher (and stormtrack member) Dave Carroll. I covered the chase trip from May 15-25 as live as was possible, sending back pictures and articles daily. We had 3 decent storm days, 1 very good one, though we couldn't quite coax a tube out of this one. :? :?

Anyway, the compilation of that work (I would have posted the URL during the chase, but my stormtrack membership only became active a few days ago) is on the Web site below. Be sure and click on the photo gallery ("Scenes from the Road") -- the best storm photos are toward the end of the 29-photo selection, which covers the whole scene of the trip, in and out of storms. (With our 3 bust days and 2 travel days, i think folks got a taste for how chasing really can be)

Also, my regular weather column page:

Blessings to all,
Kevin Myatt