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"Storm Chasers" article in 5280 Denver Mile-High M

Just wanted to mention an article that appeared in our local publication 5280: Denver’s Mile-High Magazine which featured a 3-page piece in last month’s (August ’05) issue on resident storm chasers Roger Hill & Tim Samaras. The article by Peter Bronski, a native of Long Island, NY, who currently resides in Boulder, is entitled:

“Storm Chasers: Tim Samaras and Roger Hill get up close and personal with some of the nation’s most severe weather†(5280, pp. 52, 54, & 56).

A brief but eloquent commentary, Bronski narrates an interview session with Roger and Tim about how they make their livings chasing tornadoes, their closest encounters, and their greatest accomplishments, so far…
The article’s not nearly as impressive as NG’s “Chasing Tornadoesâ€, Apr. ‘04 cover-page, but is definitely worth getting a copy of, if you can. I’d be more than happy to post scans, but that would probably constitute a copyright infringement. I don’t believe this magazines distributed outside of CO, so if anyone has ideas, I’m all ears!
IF I can get permission from the publisher to post the pages on my personal site (with limited access or whatnot), I’ll post the scans ASAP & post another notice & link on the forum to let everyone know.
Again, if anyone knows a better way to do this, pls. IM me.

Jon Merage