Storm Chaser Website Banners Wanted

Hey gang! I am testing out a rotating banner thing much like the one here on Stormtrack, but I wanted to do it for fellow chasers. My test run of this is on my links page using various banners from several people's websites, however, the various sizes and lack of info on some make this a rather ugly thing right now.

What I want from those with websites are banners advertising your website. They can be as plain or complex as you want, however, I ask a couple things..

1. The size needs to be 468 x 60
2. No animations
3. Include your name someplace visible on the banner

The Java coding for this is rather simple and easy to format, so once I get a collection of banners, I'll write up the code, test it, and put a zip file up someplace to download in case other chasers want to do the same thing.

Please post your banner and website URL on here so I can download them (I assume with your permission if you post them here) and create the code. Once I have at least five banners (not including my own), I'll get it up on my site (perhaps on my index page). Also when you post, let me know if this is something you'd include on your site. And obviously if you visit my links page and you DO NOT see your site listed, let me know as well so I can post it. Below is my banner as an example of size and what I've done. Feel free to use this to link my site if you do banners!


This is a pretty cool idea. I'll get to work on adding a rotating banner on my homepage too since I'm finally starting to work on it and get everything up to speed.

Interesting... maybe we can have Storm Chaser Week and put all your banners in rotation at the top of ST (the advertisers getting an extra week free for the delay).

So far, I have everyone's banner downloaded into my code. Obviously there are a few banners rotating on my site right now which are obviously bigger; those were the original test banners prior to this and have been removed as I have 10 banners in the rotation so far, including a couple from sites I've linked that had banners that would fit the 468x60 requirement.

A few more would be nice, so keep them coming. Also Tim, that would be a pretty cool idea as I stole the size requirement from here! :lol: I think the chasers would appretiate a little advertisement!

Tony...what code are you using to do the rotation?

I have one in php that I hacked together. Here's a zip file that contains all the banners posted so far. Their associated link and sample php code so you can run it on your own website.

Download Zip Last Updated: Blake Michaleski

Here it is at work

I'll keep the zip updated as more banners are posted.

Tony/ may want to sticky this thread.
I have one in php that I hacked together. Here's a zip file that contains all the banners posted so far. Their associated link and sample php code so you can run it on your own website.

I used a simple javscripting code which is a bit easier to follow and can be edited directly on the page by simply adding the banner and link to a numbered list.

var myimages=new Array()
//chaser banners listed in alphabetical order; list as many as you want

//specify corresponding links below; number of link must match number of banner
var imagelinks=new Array()

That's the blood and guts of the code and is simple maintained by corresponding the link and banner to a number.

Keep them coming! I'll get together a zip file myself in the next day or so for download which will contain the code and banner images. Basically copy the banner folder into your website and copy 'n' paste the code into your page where you want it to show and it'll fire right up!

There is the link to the zip file containing the code and the banners. I have 14 banners in this set as of now and a few more on the way (including a couple from here that need editing). To install, basically just copy and paste the code on your page wherever you want the banner to show up. This code will display the single banner which will randomly change upon each reload. This code acts like a simple IMG SRC command in HTML, so all of that code can be placed in the page source like any IMG SRC command which will display that image however you wish.

If you should have any questions, post them here or check out my working version. For those who want to add banners, feel free to do so here. They will be added and a new "version" will be released after several additions. Those who are comfortable enough on how to edit this code can obviously make those changes themselves as I will.

Thanks for the contributions and keep them coming! Remember, 468x60! :)