Standby Generators

Apr 22, 2004
Spotsylvania, VA
Not exactly chasing, but storm related...

Anybody have a standby generator for the house? Not the pull start 2-5KW types, but the 10KW+ natural gas or propane powered types that are connected through the house breaker and start when the power goes out.

All it takes is a small garden variety non-severe t-storm to hit nearby and power goes out for anywhere from a half hour to ten hours.

We're looking at a 12KW Briggs and Stratton, propane, with a 120 gallon tank to fuel it.

Anybody have one? Thoughts or comments?
While I don't own one that big (mine is 6500 watts)I have worked on them, I was a small engine mechanic for 17 years before switching to computers.
I don't care for the propane as a fuel source for air cooled aluminum bore engines because the upper cylinders run too dry and the lifespan of the engine is reduced.
If it is a cast iron cylinder or sleeve then that problem all but goes away.
One MAJOR need while installing any standby generator is to use a transfer switch so the electricity doesn't back feed down the line and injure a worker or the general public because they think the line is dead.
If caution and good planning is used before installing then it is a great asset to have.
I use a 7500watt Coleman with a transfer switch. now this is all manual but I can run six different circuts in my house, then when the power comes back on it shut off the transfer switch. The one that you are talking about that sets outside like next to the AC unit, I looked into those AFTER I did my set up. Pros and Cons both ways.. I like the Nat Gas kind because the one I looked at had a auto switch on it so if power goes out then it come on by its self, that is a nice feature. Also it had a weekly auto check feature that every week it would come on and make sure it still will work. The unit was like $3500 not installed. But the down side is can't take it with you to the lake or to a familys or friends house if they need power. I spent like $1500 on my set up, but we had an ice storm in January, lost power for like 3 days, it was well worth the cost.
Generac 15 kw

I purchased a Generac 15 kw natural gas generator for my house and love it! The generator will run my 3 / 5 ton air conditioner and about 3/4 of my house. During tropical storms my neighbors curse me as the frost on my windows melts away from the humid 90 degree temeratures outside!

I also purchased mine from I found that they are a little less expensive than Home Depot / Lowes and they offer free shipping.

The generator was the best investment my wife and I have made!