Spectacular Ac lenticularis + visible on satellite!

Jul 8, 2004
SW Slovenia, Europe
Hey all,

check this out, this happened yesterday over SW Slovenia. Strong Siberian polar airmass with ENE winds is progressing over Dinaric mountain range along NW Balkans.

This is how it looks on visible satellite (© NASA):

Those were all Ac lenticularis clouds, its shape is great visible on this image as well. Shadows are also pretty impressive.

This is how it looked outside (those upper right clouds on the pic above), pretty amazing view:


We had the usual strong "Bora" wind with gusts up to 150km/h in the past three days with temps around -10°C, sweet WindChill :wink:

Wow, that's great. Very cool to see the same clouds from two different perspectives.

-PS: US Goverment property (the NASA image you posted) is public domain, which means its not copyrighted. You can copy it, post it, even sell it if you want.
How can I get that colour SAT for myself? All I have known about is the GOES SAT, is that just for Slovenia? I have seen that type stuff for the hurricanes of 2005, but not for just ordinary every day access....and also for like, dust storms or something.

Nice photographs man!

I still am trying to learn/figure out just exactly how Lenticularis form...I know it is/can be induced my earth topography, but doesn't the upper level flow have to be doing something? I have been trying to be able to predict what the best days are to go out looking for them are.
the sierra nevadas in central CA are awesome for these formations - usually created when clouds are squeezed over a mountanous range from what I understand
and at sunrise they change colors rather quickly
Excellent post! Those clouds are phenomenal... I can't ever remember seeing a display like that.

When I worked at the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada we were directly in the lee of the Sierra Nevadas, and in southwest flow about 80 miles downstream from Mount Whitney. I don't think a week ever went by in the winter where we didn't encode ACSL in the observations.