SPC's First Use of New Svr Wx Probabilities



Upgraded from 5% T and 15% wind on the 0600Z outlook. I wonder if they are really seeing a higher threat or if they just wanted to test 'em out? :)

Note: Please discuss the possible meteorological reasons for the probability increase in today's Map Room thread.

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When SPC described the probability changes they said it was to accomodate a trend in increasing reports over recent years. So although it looks like a significant upgrade in the probabilities to us, perhaps these increased percentages are only to better correspond with storms reports and will be commonplace from now on. Ie. the 10% will now be equivalent to the 5% and so on...

You'll probably see a fair number of 10% tornado areas this spring, but the larger probabilities (45-60%) should remain relatively uncommon in outlooks. Perhaps a bigger change will be reverting to a categorical threshold that is more like 2004 than 2005. In other words, not quite as many MDT risks as last year.