SPC Website question...missing categorical info?

Will Astle

Sorry if this question has been asked before already but I've noticed that SPC is no longer putting categorical maps up. Anyone know why?

Are you talking about the convective outlook maps? The categories are links now at the top of the map. Click on tornado, hail, or wind to see stats.
uhhhh yeah...lol...

OK...Who changed the SPC site just now...LOL

I'll go back to lurking mode now...
The SPC has had that change for a while now, sorry. I kind of like that feature now, actually faster loading. Another site that is taking up some change is the NWS pages. They have new forecast pages that show the area on a topographic map and then also have the local hourly forecast of temps/precip on the bottom. They have also have some other new features that it looks like sites are checking out.
I'll admit Will, I had the same thoughts when I first saw the changes, it took me a few minutes to figure it out. I'd say the changes have been in place for maybe a month or so (rough guess).