spc storm reports

KDAB(daytona beach airport) picked up a 55 knot wind gust at ~1900Z, 5 hours ago. Yet this does not appear on the SPC storm reports.

KDAB 251853Z 30040G55KT

I was wondering why wouldnt it be up yet? Do they only use average wind from metar reports?
The Preliminary Storm Log on the SPC only consists of the Local Storm Reports issued by NWS forecast offices. If the NWSFO doesn't issue a local storm report (LSR), then it won't appear in the SPC Preliminary Logs.
NWS Melbourne included the report in their LSR, but classified it as a "Downburst" rather than a "Wind Gust". Perhaps the system that automatically parses LSRs and updates the storm reports on the SPC website ignores "Downburst" reports? I don't recall seeing them all that often.
WFO's are using a relatively new program to produce LSR's, and there is a long list of events to choose from. SPC has an automated process that reads the LSR's and adds them to their rough log.