SPC Says No

I like how the word "No is centerd on Kansas too. I know the word is centerd on the country itself, but it looks like a horrible SDS-causing message on Kansas chasers. "Might as well save your vactions now, because there are "NO" severe thunderstorms forecast here or anywhere. The Gulf is cut off. Nothing but bright sunshine and dry weather. No tornadoes, damaging wind, hail, lightning, thunder, rain, supercells, mesos, wall clouds, beaver tails, arcus, mammatus, TCu, Cb's, and/or ACCAS. No Classic, HP, or LP, just NP!! Nothing! Zilch! Nada!" :lol: :lol:

Seriously, that really sucks. :( :(

Well, maybe a few storms today but then its over. :(
That image is for real, and as of 12:30MDT, it was still included on SPC's Day 3...


I saved it to my site for archiving purposes as the image in the first post is linked from my website. I find it hilarious! :lol:

BWT, that 'NO' seems to be centered over Sumner County in Kansas, as most of us know, was the 'YES' spot several times this year! *LOL*
The joke is on them, there will be a massive outbreak here in NC Kansas......and back to reality. :wink: Though we did have a little thunder earlier today:) We'll take what we can get.

That big "No" should be moved NE into the midwest. The bright sunshine is gonna blind me. At least y'all down south have some heat and instabilty.
This may be more serious than we thought...

I just noticed the forecasters name is Corfidi - he's a verteran from way back when the SPC was in KC.
The NOAA and NWS executive bureaucrats would love that.

1. It's effective, decisive, and simple.
2. Requires no human intervention: can be produced straight from ETA output.
3. And the old NWS and AWS (now AFWA) axiom: Change for the sake of change! Renaming NCEP branches gets kinda old.

My God! Only a meteorologist can appreciate the humor in the 'you bet,' 'get real,' and 'maybe' forecasts. That is great, a classic!
What would a high risk on the map look like?? :lol:

How about "I pity the fool here"?

I can imagine that on chase days in the future: "Quick! We have a 'fool' in NW Kansas — let's go!!"
Are You Kidding??

There should be something clever for areas in Northern US or North of the Border something like: Are You Kidding??

I was laughing so far I had croc tears running out of my ears!! And I'm hearing impaired!! :lol: :lol: