Dec 24, 2004
Southern Tip of Illinois
Has anyone tried out SPC's RSS feeds? Been looking at thier site forever but just now noticed it existed! :shock: Looks like it could be useful when out on the road. Just was wondering before I went and got into dowloading everything.
I created a bot to reside in our chat room. Every two minutes it downloads the SPC Mesoscale Discussions RSS and the severe warnings RSS. If anything new is present, it alerts the channel and provides a link.

So, to answer your question: Yes, I've tried out the feeds. :)
I use some sort of software to receive RSS feeds, and that when a new one comes in, a doorbell sound comes on my desktop. It is useful for getting the new MCD's that come out from the SPC, along with the new convective outlooks so I don't have to keep hitting reload when the time for a new update comes. I would say it is very useful.