Southerly Exposure


I have just installed a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station. For the most part, I did the installation as recommended by Davis. My question may seem ridiculous, but I am going to ask anyway:

According to the manual, in order to get maximum sun exposure on the solar panels, the ISS should be positioned south. I did position the 4x4 mounting post in a southerly direction and after the ISS was finally mounted, I found the solar panels were aimed 163 degrees. This is only 17 degrees from being positioned true south and I would like to think this is acceptable, but is it important the panels be positioned in a true south direction? Or, is just a southerly direction sufficient?

Thanks for your expert opinion!

Yes, that is very much sufficient. The batteries alone can power the ISS for a very long time without any sun (I've heard several years).
I wasn't exactly south and minus a connection coming out in the T sensor I haven't had a problem with the Pro 2 in a few years. Only operator error! :) I don't think it matters if you are exactly south on the ISS so long as you get good solar exposure. Everything else needs to line up as directed however so the wind direction is exact, etc.!Grayslake&last=120

Not an expert opinion but perhaps a successful Davis weather station owner.
And no question is a stupid question.