I'm trying to teach myself a few things here and there about forecasting and I'm having a hard time finding Skew-T/sounding data for my area. Anyone have any links they can share?
What Colors Represent?

Can anyone fill in here and tell us what those colored lines represent? There's no chart or color guide on these sounding pages. I seem to remember something from Mike H's Storm Structure 101 DVD about what to look for in a sounding. Thanks. 8)
Upper Air Sounding Details:
Downunder Chasing:
Introduction to Skew-T diagrams

Interpreting Skew-Ts
Haby Hints:
Getting to know the Skew-T Parameters:

Interpretation of Skew-T Indices:

Questions and Answers -Skew-T/Thermodynamics

Skew-T Basics

Skew-T Tutor:

Sounding Types:

I find some more links and post them later.