Some pic folders

Here's a link to three folder of pics

The Florida Hurricane damage pics were taken in October of '04 - well after the last of the storms. The Punta Gorda area stuff is obviously from Charlie, the pics from central Florida show damage that could've been from any of several of the storms that crisscrossed that part of the state. After the fact, couldnt tell which storm did which damage

The '04 stormchase folder has some pics of an HP beast in north central Kansas on May 29 of that year, including pics of an anticyclonic funnel and an ominous low rotating wall cloud that later became a large wedge tornado near Belleville. The LP pics are from a storm in northeast Neb/southeast SDak on May 28

I have some wild video of me and a friend riding out the core of a supercell in an abandoned garage near Weatherford Texas on June 1 2004. If anyone can tell me where I can upload video files, it would be much appreciated

The '05 folder has pics from May 23 and 24 of this year - some storms in eastern Colorado, but tornado wise that chase was a bust

Anyway, the link is

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