Some off-season questions:

I was visiting my brother in Albany, GA. Christmas of 2002. On Christmas Eve, we were woken up at 8:30 in the morning by the weather radio alarm. We were under a tornado warning, there were reports of tornadoes headed our way. I ran down stairs and looked out the front window. There was a very low cloud deck and I couldn’t see much detail. Suddenly their tall pine trees started bending over horizontally and the potted plants on the front porch blew away. I yelled for everybody to get in the closet (Their safest place in the house) I kept a lookout, but it was all over within a minute. The power went out, but I was able to get online and view the radar for a short time on a laptop before the battery died. There were already 20 tornado reports. I went out looking for damage with my sister-in-law. I didn’t see any evidence of any tornadoes. The most damage was the house across the street from my brothers house with 5 pine trees snapped off about 10 feet up. I wound up being the local “weather expertâ€￾ with all the friends that we visited on Christmas, explaining what happened. It was a nice pre-Christmas present for me.