So you have an endless supply of cash... and want a camera.

NICE! A camera worth more than my chase vehicle WITH the equipment (include the laptop if ya want)! :lol: 16.7 megapixels.. do you really think it's that noticable for a general photographer? Sheesh! And here I am, happy with 4.0MP! 8)
What about a medium format sytem with a digital back? You could easily blow $8,000. They don't even list prices on those.
Finally! I camera body that costs more than an "L" lens! :D

Personally, I'd rather put my cash into an XL1s MiniDV camera. The Canon 10D that I have now, is plenty camera for what I do with it.

Which is why I mentioned that this is without going to digital back... now those will set you back a pretty penny : ).


Oops, it would have helped had I read the entire post.