Slow-motion problem in Premiere

Dan Robinson

I'm having a perplexing problem that even DVInfo users are silent on. Hopefully someone here has had this problem and found a fix!

When I slow down a clip in Adobe Premiere Pro, there is a pronounced vertical jitter in the resulting exported footage. Apparently this is called 'field bob', caused by the slight vertical shift between interlaced frame halves. I did some searching and tweaking of settings but wasn't able to find a fix. Has anyone found a solution to 'field bob' in Premiere?

Here is a sample of what happens (clip is 2.4MB full-screen WMV):

Another bit of info - unchecking 'Frame Blend Speed Changes' and choosing 'flicker removal' in the Field Options window removes the 'field bob' but also removes the smoothing between frames, creating a more 'stepped' appearance rather than a smooth slow-motion image.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
Hate to say it, but good luck. I found myself having the same problems when doing slow-mo and never did find a solution for it. I have switched to Canopus Edius Pro now because the effects on there are much more smoother than Adobe Premiere has ever been, including slow-mo.

I'm not sure if Canopus uses a different method to render video, but it's definately smoother and better in quality.