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Re: Slidell????

Any news from Slidell? Bayou Liberty area?
I did hear some Slidell damage reports in the early hours of landfall, but I don't recall the specifics. I used to live in Slidell, so my ears perked up, but it wasn't significant enough to focus on at the time.

Sorry I don't have more for you.
I searched the net for any info on St. Tammany but could not find any. My guess no power or phone to get info out. Also tried to find info on the island between the chef and rigolets. No luck.
I see you say the information you posted is unconfirmed. How reliable do you feel the info is? My home is in Slidell and I am in Jacksonville and there is NO info coming out about Slidell. Very worried about friends who stayed and my home.
I see you say the information you posted is unconfirmed. How reliable do you feel the info is? My home is in Slidell and I am in Jacksonville and there is NO info coming out about Slidell. Very worried about friends who stayed and my home.

That came from another blog - free republic. I believe the person said they got it from one of their family members or friends who was in communication with someone in that area. Communications have since been lost.
Damage widespread



Hurricane Katrina brought catastrophic damage from the Coast to Hattiesburg. Gulfport Fire Chief Pat Sullivan said downtown buildings were "imploding" or collapsing, particularly in the 19th street area.
Coastwide there were reports of homes and buildings knocked off their foundations by storm surges as high as 28 feet.

There were numerous reports of people stranded in attics or on roofs as the tidal surge and floowaters rose. At times, emergency crews were unable to go out in the heavy winds. Hospitals in the three Coast counties reported damage and problems in operations. Memorial Hospital at Gulfport reported major damage.

The first floor of the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport was flooded Monday morning and workers scrambled to move medicine and equipment to higher floors. There were reports of boats blown north of U.S. 90 in Gulfport.

Numerous tornadoes were reported across South Mississippi. Beau Rivage reportedly has water up to its second floor. There was no word from the other casinos.

Gov. Haley Barbour urged people to stay put during heavy winds and flooding, and until emergency officials give the all clear.

"This is not a small storm, we have catastrophic damage on all levels." he said. "Don't go running out into flood zones and getting bitten by snakes or wading through floodwaters that might be covering utility lines. Use good judgement in the aftermath." Barbour said search and rescue operations are the first priority as Katrina subsides. Barbour and other officials had a harsh warning for those thinking of looting. "I've urged the highway patrol and national guard to treat looters ruthlessly," Barbour said, "The rules of engagement will be as ruthless as the law allows."
TWC is showing Covington. That is not too far from Slidell. Some structural damage there and flooding. Doesn't look "extreme" though. They are a bit inland though.
TWC is showing Covington. That is not too far from Slidell.

Covington is pretty far from Slidell, maybe 30 miles?

The silence from Slidell is deafening. Lots of word from Mississippi, St. Bernard, New Orleans of course, but nothing from St. Tammany. Maybe that's a good sign. Maybe not....
Quote from another forum

My husband was able to reach my sister-in-law in Slidell on her cell, so apparently the hospital is okay. She is fairly well sedated though and didn't have a clue that she had just been through a hurricane, so we still don't know how the city has fared or the fate of other friends. Slidell has flooded badly in the past and they are situated next to the Pearl River.
Slidell news:

WGNO reporter in Slidell: Came in on 12
Lots of trees down on houses, loss of roofs, bowling alley had lost its side. Days Inn lost roof, could see in the rooms. Trinity rehab centersome damage, patients ok.

Some houses they saw had lost roofs, some had trees hit them. Trees and powerlines down everywhere in Slidell. Some people walking around, mostly deserted.

Only could make it a mile from interstate because of trees and powerlines.

People are not being allowed in because of the danger

High water in mall parking lot. roads near interstate don't have water on them, but reporters haven't gotten into town very far yet.
Blog post....

August 29, 2005
Katrina, 4:42 p.m., latest news
I don't know what you all are getting by way of national news reporting. We're listening to the local news (courtesy of the generator) and have heard a lot of disturbing news for the New Orleans area.

The top floor to a Days Inn hotel in Slidell is missing. The entire floor. There's no word if anyone was in the hotel waiting out the storm.

One reporter said there were bodies floating in the flood waters in Slidell. (For those who aren't familiar with the area, Slidell is essentially a suburb to the east of New Orleans, so they would have had some pretty bad winds.) I am very very much hoping this is a gross exaggeration, but they sounded pretty firm about it.

The Mayor of Kenner (a suburb to the west of New Orleans) just stated that 100% of the homes in Kenner were either flooded or had structural damage and he didn't expect people to get back into the area for two or more weeks.

All of the New Orleans areas are now under a "boil water" alert -- the water is now contaminated and not safe to drink. One of the news anchors said you have to boil it for twelve minutes to be safe. Of course, without electricity, that gets complicated, unless people have propane.
Beau, as author of this thread, I appreciate your posts very much.

Although the moderator seems concerned about the reliability of some of the content, I am grateful to hear it, and do realize that these are preliminary comments from unknown sources which may or may not be accurate. Such is the nature of discovering the extent of a bad situation.

We're all grownups here and must use our discretion to take these early reports with the requisite grains of salt.

Thanks for your input....
No No that is fine. I am grouchy...long day. Yeah I understand the reason behind that rule. It is a good rule. I was just trying to help :) I know how desp everyone is for information right now.

I understand the big deal.

I am heading out to be deployed for the Red Cross in the morning. No telling where they will send me. Going to be a LONG LONG operation for recovery.

Thanks for all the hard work you're about to do, me too, uggh.....
The Director of FEMA told MSNBC that the I-10 bridge between Slidell and New Orleans may be compromised. For those who know the area, this is no small matter. The bridge is a long "causeway" and one of the main arteries into the city.

WWL TV reporting massive storm surge damage in Slidell.

" The visual inspections of Ross and his photographer Mike Bland showed that Slidell has probably endured massive storm surge damage.

He said Lake Pontchartrain overflowed its banks and had chest-deep water from the Lake to the Old Spanish trail exit.

“You can’t tell where the Lake ends and Slidell begins,â€￾ he said"
More and more information is coming in from these areas. I believe the days ahead are going to really wake people up to the realizing of just what a real hurricane can do.
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