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Slide-in camper for chasing?

I've been toying with an idea for being able to do a plains chase from Georgia at some point. To me, one of the biggest logistical issues with doing something like that is where to sleep. I have an F-150 and I was thinking about one of the slide-in campers with the pop-up top. So I could chase wherever the chase leads me and find a spot to pull off for the night. Anyone have experience with this idea? Good idea or not?
I dont have any experience with this, so take my words with a grain of salt. but those slide-ins can be very cumbersome. Another thing i would consider is the fact that it will make it a giant sail with all that surface area, increasing the chance of getting blown off the road or rolled. I say that if you do give it a go, Be extremely careful.
I stay at hotels BUT I have an inflatable bed that is custom made to fit in my Tundra bed. IF the weather is nice where you are going to sleep it is amazing to lay and watch the stars or storms in the distance. I have thought about a hard top camper top too due to rain/bugs at night. I have a couple friends that do the bed/camper top combo in Colorado for mountain climbing. Just a thought.