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Should I make a Live Weather Chat?

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Levi Mol

Apr 4, 2024
Hudsonville, Michigan
Hello all, I'am kind of new to the weather spotter program I love to watch severe weather in fact I just became a trained weather spotter last month. I would like to make a LIVE weather chat, I was thinking should I go discord or slack? Discord would not load on google for some reason. So I'am probably going to go Slack. So would you guys think this is a good Idea?

Levi Mol K8LJM
Hudsonville, Michigan
Ottawa County
Dupage County ARES uses Slack, and if you set it up.... I would gladly be part of it.
@Brian R. Okay Thanks, I am going probably going to start making the chat sometime next week. I would love to make a GREAT TEAM of weather Spotters/Chasers chat, and have around 1- to 20 members . So I would like everyone please let me know what you think. PUT A VOTE IN THE POLL.
@everyone Just let me know if you want to join all I need is your email and then I will send you an invite. I called the chat West Michigan Severe Weather we really like people to join from Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana because they are the first to get the severe weather before us in Michigan so we know what to expect, but everyone is welcome.