Shelters in outlying areas suffering damage

Apr 27, 2005
Burlington, VT
From the WWL TV website (

St. Bernard Parish spokesman Larry Ingargiola says the parish's two shelters at Chalmette High and St. Bernard High are suffering major damage. He said Chalmette High shelter is losing its roof, and St. Bernard High has plenty of broken windows and glass.

They're also expecting it to get very bad in Biloxi, Gulfport etc. starting right about now.
St. Bernard Parish / DELACRIOX

ST. Bernard Parish got a direct hit. Lower St. bernard experienced the northern and southern walls of the eye of Hurricane Katrina.

Contact from family members in da parish confirmed st. bernard high school damage. Some family on the roof now in Delacriox. Wish the news had more info about lower st. bernard.

We convinced my cousin to leave at the last minute. He left with his mom and dad, but his girlfriend didn't leave with them. She insisted they drop her off by her dad's house. The last communication I had was that her and her dad were moving to the attic and the water was rising.