(Severe) Weather Prediction Educational Sites

I ran across this website tonight, http://theweatherprediction.com/, after doing a search on the net for more practice chase forecasts to do, such as the one Jason Politte posted this weekend (which was VERY educational and helpful, thanks Jason for the challenge.)
Someone had recently listed this website, created by meterologist Jeff Haby, in an example of a "loaded gun" sounding, and I just wanted to reiterate the link to the site in general, as it has alot of great information that would be very useful to a new chaser or a more seasoned chaser looking to brush up on his/her forecasting skill/knowledge. It explains in detail and with examples items such as sounding parameters and one of my favorite charts, 'the severe thunderstorm cookbook'.
This may or may not be new info btw - I do seem to remember this site listed on a post a few months back, (at least the 'cookbook' chart, I do remember reading that), but I wanted to post it in case it had become vague/forgotten, or in case a chaser hadn't heard of it (like me, hehe).
Also, if anyone knows any other good severe weather chasing knowledge/reference links please add to this post. With daily 500mb winds here at less than 15kts I have to have something to keep my chase mind and soul busy, LOL.