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Seeking LP Supercell Photos...

My friend, Andy Kula, from the National Weather Service in Huntsville, Alabama is seeking some LP supercell photos to use in a segment at the Southeast Severe Weather Symposium at Mississippi State University. If you have any photos that you would like to submit....just post them in this thread and I will save them or you can shoot them to my PM box. Thanks alot!
Hi Brett,

here are two I took last year in US...

near Lamesa, TX:

near Spur, TX:

The photos submitted by Bobby Eddins and Shane "Z" Adams, in all due respect, are not LP supercells. The photographs clearly reveal precipitation on the back sides of the updrafts, signifying the wrapping rain curtains of the hook echo. These are classic supercells.
This was on I25 south of denver colorado

East of franktown Colorado

Coming off of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs Colorado
Thanks ALOT for the posts guys! This has/will be a big help. Andy Kula (Senior Meteorologist @ NWS HUN) would like me to send a personal thank you to everyone who has submitted these photos. They will likely be presented in his presentation at the Southeast Severe Weather Symposium at Mississippi State University this year! Congrats everyone. :)