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Scott Stevens leaves job to pursue weather theories

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Just a notice.........If anyone tries to put down any educational institution. Especially the school I go to......Shit is going to hit the fan. So, mods if you see this I would erase the whole entire thread because I am pissed and comments like that should not be allowed on this forum.
Darin, Why would the mods delete the thread because you are pissed? I think you mis-understood what was written.
Exactly which comments did you find so offensive that this thread needs to be deleted? Was it the 'I guess thats the kind of meteorology they teach in Kansas'.. If so, it's tongue and cheek and I don't think it was meant personally against any individual instution. Obviously the other comment refers to a met school ran by Extraterestrial aliens and not any in Kansas which anyone who knows about Scott Stevens would understand.
I guess that's the type of meteorology they teach in Kansas.

Yes, if you go to that special met school run by the aliens...whoops I wasn't supposed to say anything about that.

No, I completely understand what was written and it was a post that slammed the KU met. dept and everyone associated with it.

I do take offense to those comments and I am sure that anyone who has graduated or is a student at KU would too. If you want to make comments like that please keep them to yourselves because I consider the ones above to be a slam to me personally since I am a junior studying met. at KU.
As this really has nothing to do directly with the storm, and it is apparant that it is going to go downhill rapidly, I am locking the topic.
Not open for further replies.