Scanner Help

Aug 9, 2005
Lantana, TX
I know this is going to make me look pretty stupid, but my mind doesn't get this stuff and I've spent the weekend trying to get this scanner to work, etc. I bought a Uniden SC230 scanner to listen to Nascar races, police, fire, weather, etc. For someone that knows nothing about this stuff-the instructions stunk and the software that I downloaded stinks too. Does anyone have this scanner or would be willing to help me get this thing programmed, etc? Any help would go along way!


I'm using the demo software the Uniden provides on their website for the scanner. After reading through the instructions, I downloaded the software and entered in a ton of frequencies I wanted to add to my scanner.... Sounds pretty easy... In the mean time- while playing around with the scanner I somehow locked the scan function so now it will only scan one preprogrammed group at a time. (example- when I first got the scanner and hit scan- it would scan Nascar, Busch series, and everything else that was preprogrammed. Now I hit scan and it only does Nascar and says the other channels are locked.) I'v tried to follow the instructions to unlock everything and not getting anywhere... Anyhow- this is the least of my problems now.

After spending hours entering stuff into this software- I hooked the scanner up to my computer and told the software to connect to the scanner. I told it to write everything that I had editted and created to my scanner. Well- nothing wrote to the scanner and now all the preprogrammed stuff I had in it is gone. The scanner got wiped out! :oops: I know this is probably stupid stuff, but all this is over my head. I'm one of those people that needs step by step instructions. I'm fixing to call Uniden tomorrow, but have a feeling I'm not going to get the help I want/need!

Thanks again for any help you can provide. If you are a user of the scanner and software you might be able to relate?