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Effective 11/25/04, the Marketplace is intended to allow users a permanent place to post their wares. Goods may not be overtly advertised elsewhere on Stormtrack, however until further notice we will tolerate second-party reviews, significant news, and incidental mentions.

(1) Only ONE thread is allowed per product. Keep your promotional writeups and inventory in that post and edit it as needed. If you wish to post an important, newsworthy update, you may also delete your original post and create a new one. Ask a moderator if you need help deleting your original thread.

(2) Users may post replies to ask questions or comment on the product. The advertiser will be expected to answer some of the questions within a reasonable time. Do not use somebody's thread to discuss another product unless you're making comparisons.

(3) One-time classified ads are allowed, ONE PER USER. The subject line must start with "FOR SALE:" in caps, like this: FOR SALE: Minolta XVR-500 SLR camera If it does not follow this format we may delete it on the spot. When the item is sold, DELETE your post.

(4) You may NOT list non-meteorological items. This is not the place to sell hairdryers and Fisher Price toys. If you wish to do so, you must purchase a banner ad.

(5) To get better exposure, buy a banner ad. You'll get over 100,000 impressions per month, and it's not expensive.

(6) Stormtrack staff reserves the right to change marketplace policies at any time and for any reason. Please post responsibly.


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