RSVP Rocky's chase picnic

Jul 17, 2004
Piedmont, OK

Onless something dramatic happens with the models between now and
Saturday..The picnic is still a go for this Saturday at my farm just north
of Piedmont, OK. for 1pm. I'm pretty easy to find..Just plug in 5504 Hall
Rd. NW Piedmont, OK. to your mapquest or GPS and you'll find us. Although, for the more tecnologically challenged like yours truly here...The
following is directions coming from OKC.

From I-40 get off at the Mustang Rd. Hwy 4 exit in Yukon...follow the
signs for Hwy 4 thru Yukon and on to Piedmont. Continue thru town on Hwy 4
which techically ends but continues north as Piedmont Rd. to NW 206th
St./Apache Rd. Make a LEFT, you'll be heading west for aproximately'll crest a small hill where you'll see a small residential
area...we are located on Hall Rd. which is the third right AFTER the
hill..if you get to Frisco've gone too far.
At Hall Rd make a RIGHT..following that 0.6mi to the end as it goes into
my driveway.

You may also take the Kilpatrick from I-40, get off at NW Expressway
follow that to Piedmont Rd. and proceed accordingly.

From the north or Tulsa...I-44 or I-35 to the Kilpatrick...get off at the
Rockwell Rd. exit. NORTH to NW 206th/Apache..proceed west as stated above.

Covell Rd. exit from I-35 is another alternative but has lots of stop
signs..but you won't need to turn for about 20mi. as this turns into NW

As for last year, we'll supply the hot dogs/hamburgers and
chicken, pop, chips, dip, etc etc. A 5 dollar donation per person is
suggested to cover costs. Bring an edited video for show if you like...if
we run out of stuff to watch..I got plenty from my own chase library.

The picnic starts at 1pm ontil whenever..Last year, I still had folks over
after 11pm..stay as late as you wish, but I have a 7am air shift the next
morning so I may hit the sack by midnight at the latest.

The only potential downer is my pool may not be ready...we just opened it
up, its cold anyway, but with projected highs around 90F, it may not feel
so bad..we'll give it a valiant effort though.

Out of respect for my wife and any alcohol please...

PLEASE RSVP by 6pm Friday May 20th.
Tour groups are especially welcome...but I need to know especially from
you folks if your coming as this could turn into a big shindig with not
enough food or drink. It's been an honour and a pleasure to host these get togethers...lets make
this year the best...If you want to help out, come an hour or two early
and you'll be most appreciated not to mention 5 bucks richer.

One last thing....DON"T FORGET MAY 28th in WAKITA...I still haven't heard
anything from Linda...I will be calling her tomorrow to verify what's
happening at the Twister Museum...Please make an effort to show if its
still on.

I will give the final go ahead based on the Day 2 outlook on Friday but I
highly doubt anything will happen....then again, it is May....and I did have one of those techicolour dreams that had me bolting out of bed over this tornado that narrowly missed my farm during a chaser picnic...Shane, you were in this especially, everyone was in a frenzy to get the video....too weird, the whole thing was too much! To be continued.

Rocky, Jo and I will be there at noon to help gets things going. If you need us there earlier, just let us know...we are totally flexible Saturday.
I'll be there.

EDIT: Ok... latest model runs are looking mighty tasty in KS.... not quite a guarentee now, but it will have to look mighty good the day of to get me to skip out on the shindig.

Due to fairly decent chasing prospects for tommorow we will not be able to make the picnic this year. I hope to meet everyone at the Wakita picnic on the 28th, providing its not a chase day.
Rocky has cancelled the chase picnic for tomorrow, effective Fri May 20th, due to the risk of severe across KS over the weekend.