Rita wind speeds. Cat 2 or 3?

Mike Johnson

Just wondering if anyone has a found an accurate site for Rita wind speeds?
I have not seen any substained wind reports to support Cat. 3?


Lake Charles NWS had problems with several stations and that might be due to it being out.
Looking at the initial data -- it is likely that Rita had no "sustained" winds to make it a Cat-3.

The last analysis made by AOML just prior to landfall suggests Rita was right on the border between cat 2 and 3. Guess TPC went on the conservative side and stuck with the 3. Whether cat 3 conditions existed somewhere along the coast or not we'll never know - but it doesn't sound like too much of a stretch based on what observations there are. Expect it will go in the books as cat 3 at landfall.


I expect it will go in the books as a cat 3 as well. Since you don't have observations from every area this storm hit it would be hard to prove that cat 3 winds didn't exist somewhere. Unless it was clearly no where near that strong. On the other hand, if you found evidence of a cat 4 then it would be upgraded (I'm not saying that evidence exists).