Rita Field Reports


Currently in Port Arthur TX, looking like this is going to be a good spot. About to get slammed by the Eye of Rita in the next few hours. Dan and Matt Robinson are in Beaumont.
just spoke to Mike Gribble and he just lost his back window from flying debris..he's fine and is heading to a parking garage...update he now has a flat tire and is headed off to do an interview with CNN American Morning
Just got done talking with Mike Gribble, he is still in Beaumont Tx, he was taking video of a buliding losing it's roof and the debris from that is how he lost his back window. One of the support cars for MSNBC's satillite truck also lost it rear window at the same place, they both where making a brake for the parking garage but to much debris and water in the road and they could not make it so they are parked between a couple bulidings, then that is when he found out he had a flat. He told me it was the most intense things he has even been in. Where Mike is at in Beaumont he is trying to upload the video he took as we speak, he is waiting on the new CNN crew to show up so he can do his interview, he is tired but fine.