Remember Gary Shore?

Ty Garner

Do any of you Oklahoma chasers remember meteorologist Gary Shore? I think he was chief met for KJRH 2 in Tulsa maybe like ten to fifteen years ago. My dad liked him and always thought he had the most accurate forecast.
The craziest thing happened over about the past week. We never knew what happened to Gary after he left this position many years ago. Just over the past few days Gary Shore came up in conversation. My dad asked if I had heard anything of him or his whereabouts or seen him on television. I told him no. On July 20, 04 as I rolled into a truckstop near Sioux City, Iowa on a chase, I tuned into a local TV station out of Sioux City and guess who the met was showing local radar and giving the forecast. What an eerie feeling. I thought I was in the Twilight Zone!
Indeed, Gary Shore is Chief Meteorologist at KTIV-9 in Sioux City, Iowa. He's well known around here for his enthusiasm when it comes to severe weather to say the least. Glad you discovered!
I grew up in the Tulsa area (Broken Arrow), so I remember Gary Shore well. He was an excellent forecaster then - but as I recall was released from the KJRH because he made too many religious references during severe weather events (really pushing the act of God aspect) - which apparently didn't go over too well even in the buckle of the Bible belt. I'm glad to hear he is still working.

Gary left Ch. 2 around 95 - 96. I remember because that was about the time I started junior college witht the thought of going into research meteorology. Sam Mather was an intern there at that time and was in a couple of my classes.

I heard that Gary left because he didn't like the changes the management wanted him to make to his weahercasts.
I also recall it was a conflict in the direction the station wanted to go but then again I thought Gary went to Lousiana so what do I know.
All I can say is to me channel 2 has gone downhill since.Then last month hearing about a "Yahoo" comment overheard by another chaser/spotter from one of the met's about a gustnado that was reported

I remember watching Gary during the 84 Memorial Weekend flood way into the night as the storms keeped back building over and over.He was really enthusiastic.
I was wondering where I've heard that name before . . . he — well, his crew — shot that really amazing video of the 4/26/1991 Red Rock, OK tornado, didn't he?
Yes, Gary Shore was with Howie Bluestein's crew on 4/26/91. Gary's crew from Tulsa shot incredible video of the Red Rock tornado as it began to wedge out to their northwest and north near Billings, OK. It is ranked #2 on TVC III's storm chaser video list. Personally, it is probably my favorite wedge video of all time. Perferct lighting, perfect tornado (and my goodness, what motion!).