Reloading of Agressive Chasing Era Begins

I have dealt with cops who likely shouldn't be the police, who instantly want to search the vehicle and think they have the right to ask all kinds of stupid questions, like why do you have a laptop mounted in the vehicle, why do you have so many emergency lights, and radio equipment, and why must you make your vehicle look like an official emergency vehicle, and being former police.... I'll let them play their game until they ask permission to search the vehicle, then out comes "better have a warrant" and start showing them my retired police star, and start showing certificates such as the ham radio and gmrs license, basic and advanced Skywarn certificates, the FEMA ICS 100,200,700,800 certificates, my local ARES/RACES member ID, My CERT ID card, and they usually lose the attitude disfunction and start asking how bad it is going to get and where it may be, and like the belvedere Illinois tornado last spring end up asking me to assist with blocking roads and helping with SAR if need be, and usually end up apologizing for their earlier attitude disfunction.
Yikes, when and where have you experienced that and was it county, city or state?. I don't carry any of my licenses usually since I don't bring all that gear when I fly into town to chase. I don't have/need a lot as it is.
It was a county deputy who was probably only on the job a few months on his own, I keep copies of my certs in my truck just because I believe in stopping and assisting if I come across destroyed structures or houses and in some cases it prevents conflicts with authorities for being in severely damaged areas especially if it is not in my own immediate area.
I keep the Medical, Combat life saver stuff handy just in case of that situation, no radio stuff. These days, as much as many of us have a desire to stop and help, communicating is just as important to location, time, a 9 Line if you will, to get help to a location is the best many can do. actually, assisting in trauma circumstance is a somewhat tough moral dilemma at times, under certain situations and locations. Liability lawsuits happen. I have learned when and when not to treat and it's a fine line at times, cause you hate to see anyone suffer. Generally, Good Samaritan has some protections, but not always. in the moment, people don't always consider it, just help, which is testament to the human condition.
That is something I need to think about doing, take an updated refresher first aid/cpr course. However the Good Samaritan laws are still protection in Illinois, however wonder for how long since our lovely governor passed the safe-t-act, which most of us say should be called the unsafe-t-act, as crime such as robberies, car jackings, and especially in the city of Chicago shootings have jumped majorly since most offenses are not detainable any more including aggravated assault and even arson.