Refurbished Sony DCR-VX1000 for $1750

Chris do you know much about this camcorder? The reason I am asking is my bro-in-law has one and wants to sell it to me.
I've seen them even cheaper on eBay for around $1100-1200 refurbished. There's one seller on there supposedly selling the new in the box for under $700 with some sort of deal where he claims the first bidder is the winner, but I smell the stench of a con artist there since he as a history of 0 and is from Canada making it even harder to track them down and do anything about it if you get ripped off. However, the other sellers look more legit and I would be comfortable taking one of those deals after looking at the seller a little closer. (yeah...I'm

The BCS store seems too complicated to me in that you have to speak to one of their "sales engineers" to buy it. There is no mention of a warranty that comes with the camera either. I'd be willing to bet that it is a high-pressure sales tactic to sell you a 36month warranty and other stuff you don't need or might need such as bateries, cables, etc. I'd be willing to bet that to get everything you need for basic operation, you'll come out over $2000. I've had bad experiences with similar types of companies that you can't simply buy it online right up front without getting a "sales assault". I could be very wrong in alot of my assumptions and paranoid too. LOL!! But, you get wiser as you get older. ;-)
Originally posted by Jay Cazel
Chris do you know much about this camcorder? The reason I am asking is my bro-in-law has one and wants to sell it to me.

It would be a good step up. its a 1/3 3 chipper.. However for sound it lacks the xlr inputs. So for video good.. for added sound.. not so good.

For that money.. Let me tell you.. you will be 1000 times better off with a panasonic DVC80. they are discontinued because they wanted to concentrate on the dvx100.. but the quality is awesome and is very comparable to a higher end sony pd170. Plus it has the xlr inputs.
This company is very reputable in the broadcast field. As for the is a very good mid-grade prosumer camera. The XLR issue is only a problem if you use external sound (which I personally prefer, but for use as a chase camera, this is not as important).
I could be wrong but I think the VX1000 is a one-chip CCD (Jesse Bass, if you're on here, you can correct me since you have this cam), but it is still a great camera that takes high-quality images.

The VX2000 will get you 3 chips, but if you're going to spend that kind of money (approaching $2K) I'd go for the VX2100 - the 2100 is the ultimate chaser video camera. It gives you an extra 30 to 60 minutes of daylight-like pictures after sunset in the low light, and better video in low-contrast situations.