Record cold, snow forcasted for LA

Jordan Hartley

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6 killed in Ice Storm: [url,2933,243582,00.html[/url] or



Springfield,Mo (AP):
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It is amazing seeing freezing temperatures as far south as LA, San Diego and even into Mexico. There may be severe damage to the California orange crops. It's been in the low 70's in Richmond, Virginia that last two days and mid 70's is forecast tomorrow.

Bill Hark
31 degrees early this morning at my house, a half-mile from the ocean (Huntington Beach, 45 minutes south of L.A.). Ice covered our bird-bath until almost noon. Many inland suburbs were in the 20s, including 26 in Burbank and 20 in Woodland Hills. Lots of daily records were broken in the L.A. area.
32.6 at my place in Newport Beach this morning....crazy!

28 is the all-time low at LA Civic Center I believe. They were close last night. This is truly a record cold snap.
It has been getting down to just freezing here a few hundered feet from the beach in San Clemente. Very chilly, well at least for here.

We really need some storms though!
It was 21 degrees F last night in the desert north of Phoenix, can you imagine. Some times in the year you can put a 1 in front of that...for a robust 121 degrees if there is an extreme heat wave.

I haven't understood the magnitude of this system until the NWS in Phoenix said "Some of the coldest weather in more than 16 years." Mid-to-upper 20s didn't seem like a big deal to this former resident of KS of 24 years, but that statement said how rare it was (Wickenburg was supposedly at 19 degrees last night, 14 hours at or below freezing.)

I need to go buy oranges tomorrow, if possible. And strawberries.
We had a low of -26 degrees F this morning. That is our coldest temperature so far this year and probably will be our coldest of the year. I heard that parts of Arizona had their coldest temps since 1990. That cold spell produced a temperature of -34 degrees F in town and -40 degrees F down here.