Radio Shack Catering To Chasers Now?

But do storm chasers even utilize CB Radios? Unless you're convoy chasing I'm not sure that a CB Radio would be very beneficial.[/b]

This is obviously a personal choice, however I'm of the opinion that they can be quite useful. The weather band on some CB models can be useful if you have no other scanner or weather radio in the car. I personally tend to turn mine on if I'm having trouble trying to pinpoint where an elusive cell is; I've often heard a trucker get a bit excited when something severe crosses a hiway... or provide info on road closures etc. A bit annoying to monitor full-time, but it's proven itself to be useful enough for me to keep one in my vehicle.
They have their uses, but for the most part they are useless for chasing. Very limited range, even worse in and near electrical storms. This assuming your running legal equipment of course. About the only decent use I have found for them is asking that truck driver that just core punched what size the hail was in there. Those cheap little family radios work better car to car caravaning than any CB I have messed with, and we have some high end Cobra's.
I own the "storm chaser's dream"; bought it mainly to have WX radio; the alert feature allows me to avoid listening to WX radio the whole time as it'll alert me if something comes up. I do use a CB locally between friends driving pies, so its fun for that, but being a HAM, the CB was pretty well killed off. The WX radio with alert is the only nice thing about this.
* Dual watch lets you listen to 1 channel while watching emergency channel 9; great for storm chasers

LOL....does this mean that storm chasers are getting reports on channel 9, but talking on another? No, CBs are toys. If you are really wanting a cheap and crappy way to talk over short range, even FRS is better than CB. Such outdated garbage...
Is ch. 9 even still in use by Emergency Management, and if so, where? I don't think I have ever heard anything on there. The only thing I find useful about my cb is the wx alert, and asking the truckers were the bears are sleeping, and on occasion to talk to another chaser who I have teamed up with. Plus it is another antenna on the top of the old chase vehicle and that makes it look cooler, lol :rolleyes: :lol: