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Radar Data from 11/23/04

Mike Smith

There was a long track tornadic thunderstorm yesterday that began just east of Houston and was still going strong 200 miles northeast into central Louisiana. Here is a history of that storm in a sequence of images from our SelectWarn® system. If the image is cropped, there is a "pan" tool at the bottom that you can slide to see the rest of the image.

The storm began just east of Houston with the first tornado.


The supercell moves toward east central Texas.


With a tornado on the ground, the supercell approaches the Texas-Louisana border:


The tornado, now in Louisiana, continues on the ground.


In classic "supercell ahead of a line" fashion, the supercell continues northeast.


According to media reports, there was a damaging tornado at the time of the final image.


This type of situation used to cause scores of deaths. We can be thankful that improved science, technology and warning techniques kept the death toll very low.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.