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Quick Temperature Conversion Chart

I'll be honest: thinking in degrees centigrade doesn't come automatically to me. I'm a Fahrenheit man. So a while back, I made life a little easier for myself by putting together a chart of quick, at-a-glance temperature conversions.

It dawns on me that I'm probably not the only person on this forum who struggles with getting his or her arms around centigrade in a meaningful way. So I thought I'd share my chart with you. It's not intended to account for every degree on the thermometer; it just gives you a good feel for the range of temperatures. I keep it as a desktop icon along with my other storm chasing resources. Here it is.

Fahrenheit to Centigrade <o></o>
Below Freezing<o></o><o></o>

0 F = -18 C<o></o>
5 F = -15 C<o></o>
10 F = -12 C<o></o>
15 F = -9 C<o></o>
20 F = -7 C<o></o>
Comfortably Below Freezing<o></o>

25 F = -4 C<o></o>
30 F = -1 C<o></o>
32 F = 0 C<o></o>
34 F = 1 C<o></o>
38 F = 3 C<o></o>
42 F = 6 C<o></o>
44 F = 7 C<o></o>
47 F = 8 C<o></o>
50 F = 10 C<o></o>
55 F = 13 C<o></o>
60 F = 16 C<o></o>
65 F = 18 C<o></o>
68 F = 20 C<o></o>
Comfortably Warm<o></o>
70 F = 21 C<o></o>
73 F = 23 C<o></o>
76 F = 24 C<o></o>
Summer Heat<o></o>
78 F = 26 C<o></o>
80 F = 27 C<o></o>
83 F = 28 C<o></o>
86 F = 30 C<o></o>
Sweltering Hot<o></o>
90 F = 32 C<o></o>
93 F = 34 C<o></o>
96 F = 36 C<o></o>
Blazing Hot<o></o>
100 F = 38 C<o></o>
103 F = 39 C<o></o>
106 F = 41 C<o></o>
110 F = 43 C<o></o>
You Should Have Gotten Right with God<o></o>
From here on, do you really care?<o></o>
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Thanks Bob. I am also one of those that deals with Fahrenheit and MPH the best. I am not too much into the metric system. So, thanks for the chart.
Thanks for the chart, Bob. I was trying to find something like this a while back. I found a small chart but your's contains more detail.

There is also this site, if you need to convert temperature. For negative temps, just put a minus in front of the number.

I have the same trouble with centimeters... I work in inches and feet. Could never picture centimeters in my head. Always have, despite being a Canuck.
The Tulsa NWS office maintains a really good meteorological calculator for: Temperature Conversion, Windchill Calculation, Relative Humidity Calculation, Heat Index Calculation, Wind Speed Conversion, and Station Pressure Calculation