Qualifications and attributes of a good ST moderator

Since the candidates will be up for a vote soon, I thought the issue of what makes a good moderator could use some discussion.

I think diplomacy, emotional maturity, ability to effectively put thoughts into words, and the ability to see the shades and nuances of issues are more important qualities than the depth of chasing experience or knowledge. I will be looking first and foremost for those qualities when I vote.
Very good point, David. It is the first thing that came to my mind when Tim asked for nominations. While I wholeheartedly support the board being narrowly focused on chasers and chasing, when it comes time to vote for leadership, those qualities you listed will weigh MUCH more in my voting decision than how long anybody has been chasing or what their degree is in.
I couldn't agree more with the listed attributes for a great moderator. That's exactly why I'm not one.
Well I wouldn't be around if you judged by my tornado count... that's for sure! ;)

Overall, David's list seems like it hits the nail on the dead. It's ok to have an opinion, but is even more important to be able to see both sides of an issue and understand the membership base.

I would add that it requires someone that has lots of time, and loves to be involved in this forum. Perhaps that goes without saying. I think it is also important they understand and are on board with the vision and mission of the forum to properly moderate.

Edit: I also meant to add decisiveness. It is important for mods to make quick decisions and maintain control.
Everybody's got a great list going so far. Here's my list of qualifications for a good moderator.
-Someone who will use sound judgment when dealing with forum issues.
-Someone who will remain neutral and won't take sides when intervening in a "heated" topic.
-Someone who will treat all members equally and fairly, and won't show favoritism when having to deal with or take action on a particular issue.
-Someone who will be responsive to member complaints, concerns, and/or questions.
-Someone who can keep their cool during tense situations.
-Someone who's willing to donate and spend some of their free time on the board (I think 2-3 hours every other day/night would be reasonable)

Those are my big ones...if I can think of others, I will post 'em.
I like the thought that's going into this. My single contribution to the list is similar to what Dave said about the ability to put thoughts into words, and that is, good grammar. This doesn't require an English major, just someone whose writing skills will help maintain a high communication standard for Stormtrack.
Good suggestions all around. I agree completely.

Incidentally, how is the voting going to be done? I don't think I've heard about that yet.

Also, anyone wanting to be a moderator, should not have a history of being banned from ST.

Later Mike
Time to go back to the campground,
If there's any need to, I fourth that.
I'll take the fifth.

What? You knew someone had to do it. I agree that banination should be a DQ for mods, but not suspension. After all, we've elected public officials with criminal records, so it's silly to disallow a mod who has been suspended in the past.

For the record, I haven't been. Not entirely sure why.

Yep, I'll agree with Ben, and "sixth" what has been said...

As long as they haven't been "banned", then they should be able to apply. Suspensions aren't as bad as being banned, so I guess those members should still be allowed to apply.

And, I think if the offense in question was really THAT long ago, and there haven't been any problems since, then it should just be dropped anyway...