PWX Chase 2004 Video

Well, there's not a lot to far as tornadoes are concerned...two confirmed on April 20th...and several other situations with funnel clouds where its anybodys guess if it ever touched down or not...

I think the lack of tornadoes is made up for by the other drama's and entertaining situations my chase partner and I get into. If anyone here has seen one of my videos know we love almost geting struck by lightning...but again...its NOTHING compared to the stuff coming from the plains...more of a Storm chasing from and Illinois chaser's stand point video. I just place a $10 charge to cover costs...but prefer to trade with others (it says $15, I've decided to go w/ 10 instead. If anyones interested, just let me know. I'll be mailing all orders on Wednesday, December try to let me know before then.