Pulse Storm Structure at Sunset

Like most everywhere this summer, thunderstorms (let alone severe weather) have been at a premium in Kansas City as well. Yesterday, we had the luxury of an isolated pulse storm developing just to my northeast around sunset. Despite the high dewpoints, gusty winds have kept the atmosphere surprisingly clean lately with deep blue skies oddly prevalent despite temps in the upper 90s.

Anyways, for a pulse storm that wasn't severe, I was impressed with the structure of both the updraft and the gorgeous streaking anvil that developed. Thought you guys may like to see a few photos that I shot between 8:30 and 8:45 PM (July 26th).


Nice shots Evan. I saw some other images of what was probably that same cell last night. I've noticed that it seems the pulse, non-severe type days often produce some of the more amazing skies. It's probably just the more frequent nature of it I guess.