Prediction for Kennedy Space Center

Jun 19, 2005
New Mexico
I would be intrested to hear from you guys what is your prediction for the weather holding for the shuttle launch. It is at Tuesday 10:39am Eastern. Currently the official prediction says the weather has 40% chance of messing things up.

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If they launch in the morning...they shouldnt have any problems. The forecast out of MLB doesnt mention any convection possibilites so everything looks OK at this point. Now if the seabreeze kicks in early, you may have some issues with lightning storm development...but those are normally short lived and are isolated at best.

Here's a quote from nasa:
The chance of Kennedy weather cooperating for the launch remains at 60 percent.
Thunderstorms are not the problem, but showers offshore and/or anvil clouds from distant storms are a concern.
The forecast this morning looks a lot better than previously thought. I think they upped the odds of lift-off. Although, it seems like they are going to be so touchy with this thing. They want a clear view of the shuttle for its entire liftoff so there can't be too many clouds.
When I went to the most recent scrubbed one, it was kinda funny...we had just found our spot and learned that it had been scrubbed, so we were having a small picnic. We were probably only 5-6 miles from the pads. Great spot. All disappointed, we were about to get going when this small, slow moving storm seemed to stop on top of us and just rain itself out. Kind of ironic...analgous to a depressed cartoon character with rain over his head.

Here is the VIS image 1 minute after launch: