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Posting weather watches.

What is everyone's opinion on the posting of unofficial weather watches and warnings? Do you think it "dumbs down" the meaning of the officially issued watches from the SPC. Do you think it is harmless fun and a good learning tool?

I, for some reason, frown apon such activites. To me, a weather watch and warning should be used by people who are trained to do so, not people who THINK they are trained enough in the field to issue such statements. Many people might think what is the harm of doing such an activity and to that i say there is no harm if someone makes a watch of there own for thier purposes, but when it is posted on weather related websites it could cause some people to take them to be the real thing and heed watches/warnings that are not founded and inturn make them think the Real things are unfounded as well.


P.S, this is not related to any one website, it is just a thought that i have had for sometime and have seen these actions above occur at more then one location"website".
It's forecasting, and many sites do it. The Weather Channel has a severe weather outlook... If your format of a short-term severe weather outlook is a watch box, then so be it.