Possible first death missing person claimed by Rita in Galve

Jason A.C. Brock

KHOU is reporting on TXCN that a man at the docks where emergency management officials are riding out the storm in a hotel that a man approached reporters with a surfboard and told them he was going in. Take in mind it is also still dark down there. They lost sight of him at the end of the dock. The reporters informed fire and polica and a search rescue team was sent out. So far only his surfboard has washed up. If this is a sick joke they should tie the guy to the dock poles. :evil:
OK quick update. The man just washed up on shore towards the police. The cuffed his ass and hauled hims off.
As they should have. He must think he's Patric Swaze in "Point Break" rofl.

~Dude! I catchin da bitchin waves! :lol:
I think I saw him interviewed on the Weather Channel yesterday.
It's morons like this who should bite it, instead of the old folks escaping in a bus.