Portable Barometer - Any Recommendations?

Hi folks!

Can anyone recommend a product for me? I want to purchase a new portable barometer to take on my hurricane chases. I am curious what other weather chasers on this forum use.

I would like an instrument that:

* Is easy to use-- i.e., easy to recalibrate when I get off a plane.
* Keeps records-- for example, readings every 15 minutes during a 12-hour period, with lowest reading/time.
* Is accurate.
* Is durable-- i.e., can get a little wet and knocked around a little without breaking.

I am willing to spend the money for a good instrument that meets the above requirements.

I am thinking of the Kestrel 4000 "Pocket Weather Tracker" (http://www.nkhome.com/ww/4000/4000.html). Is anyone familiar with this product? Is it any good? (I am a little skeptical about the hand-held anemometer that goes up to 118 kt! :wink: )

Thanks in advance for for any advice!