Please pass this Severe Weather Survival Measure

In 2000, I and several other people formed "Warnings To All", an organization dedicated to disaster mitigation - saving lives through preparation.

Recently, Warnings to All has come up with a new method of providing post-hurricane human health risk mediation. It involves people creating their own water storage bladders, much the same way as the military transports large quantities of water in giant rubber bladders that can be quickly filled and loaded and transported in almost any type of vehicle. In this case, people can use common plastic trash, refuse and lawn bags. Double bag the items, fill with water to a limit that is portable by the healthy adults in the household, and tie off tightly. For extra protection, people can be advised to follow basic Red Cross water purification techniques with a little bleach or tablets that can be added to the bags of water.

Then all they have to do is poke a small hole in one corner and pinch it off or clip it off with something after releasing exactly the amount needed, thus conserving both the water and its relative purity.

An average house can stock away hundreds of gallons very quickly, they can be stored up above flood risk or out of the way until needed and could have prevented a lot of the suffering seen this past week in New Orleans and other parts of the Gulf Coast. Please, please pass this information along to your local civil defense, emergency management Red Cross and local relief agencies.

If even one life is saved, then I and we will have felt our mission as an organization will be on the way to being met. Too many people have died of trauma bought on by lack of potable water, gotten or will be getting ill. It doesn't need to happen.


Richard Halter


Warnings To All