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Places to Eat while chasing

Cinzette's in Overland Park, KS is a great all you can eat Italian buffet that has fantastic food. Like Thai food, try Thai2000 on 67 Street in Overland Park (particularly great Sunday brunch buffet for $9 with grat soups, entrees and deserts). I usually don't try chain restaurants but the new Jose Pepper Mexican restaurant on Black Bob off of Sante Fe and I-35 has some good mexican dishes and good salsa. Great soul food with beef, sweet potatoes and great sides at the all you can eat Peachtree Buffet on East trafficway off of I435 after Swope Park going North. Oklahoma Joes (off of 119th street off of I-35) has great BBQ as does Fiorellas (Metcalf avenue)

Place your favorites where ever they may be - Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri

Dr. Eric Flescher
Storm Satori
My favorite place to eat on the plains, when we can find one to eat at is "Sirloin Stockade" It may be a buffet, but they have some great steaks. Good place to eat if you want more than just a steak after catching a tube.
I like to find those really rural, deserted, homemade restaurants, that are located in the middle of no where, out in KS/TX/NM....I love how you'll just accidently stumble upon them, and be treated to nice food. A good one on NM is "The Bobcat Bite"....there is another in OK...can't think of it though. Does anyone here know what I'm talking about?
Go to Spangles in Wichita. I got a "tornado shake" there on May 29th and then went on to see several tornados later that day. Good omen, perhaps? :-D
Are we talking practically speaking or if you actually have a choice, LOL.

Sonic is my preferred breakfast stop. Toaster sandwiches or french toast sticks. A nice breakfast is usually the only decent meal on a chase day and makes the common occurance of missing lunch easier. Dinner on a chase is a luxury in itself and usually is dictated by what convenience stores happen to be open at 1 to 2AM. Therefore the usual dinner is things like convenience store pizza, chicken fingers or Allsups burritos (if we're in Texas). I carry a 'mobile medicine cabinet' for any complications that might arise from such cuisine.

I can't stand McDonald's for anything other than breakfast, but they are usually a reliable stop for a quick lunch if the gas station we are filling up at happens to have one or any similar fast food chain.

Other than that, most lunches and dinners consist of whatever we can find at those remote convenience stores whenever we stop for gas. Beef jerky, biscuits, chicken, etc. I like the little Mom and Pop diners but there is usually not enough time to wait for an order there. The rare times when we can sit down at those places and relax after a chase is a treat.

We're going to try taking some sandwich-making material this year and see how that works out.
If you're in or near Pittsburg KS, check our Curbside BBQ at Washington and Broadway in the south end of town. It's my favorite, I eat there all the time.
If you find yourself driving back to the east in SW Oklahoma stop by a restaurant in the Quachita mountains, can't remember the name but they're quite famous.. in Oklahoma at least for their hamburgars. I ate there last year and they were indeed delicious. It might be a little trek from the main roads (I-44, Hwy 62) but it is definitely worth it if you are not in a hurry and what to see some of the nice scenery.
I got to give a shoutout to the best little pizza joint in SE Oklahoma, Papa Lou's in Ada. If it's a nice spring night, you can enjoy live jazz music and speciatily pizza (just about any combination you can think of) on their patio while watching that famous post-chase lightning. Stop in and see 'em if you end up having to chase in the jungle!
Sanfords Grub and Pub in Cheyenne, WY. it's a little out of the plains but we ate there the night before an eastern WY chase day. it's a Cajun/burger joint that was really good with many, many beers to choose from.

There is a BBQ place in Llano, TX that Derek Deroche was telling me about but I cant remember the name.
You can post where you have gone , would like to go or wish to go some time or all of them

Dr. Eric Flescher
Olathe, KS
E.O.A.S. blog
Not very glamorous, but Denny's has greatly improved their menu lately, including "healthier" choices and a very tasty tilapia fish dinner. Not bad at all, especially when it's late.