Picture of a Saskatchewan Blizzard

Ok! If that's 2.5" of snow, they make inches way larger in Canada! :)

It looks rather pretty and brings back memories of living in Vermont as a teenager.
Originally posted by Howard Robinson
Someone post something!

Hmmmm, well it is a BIG photo! :D

I only wish we would actually get some winter weather here besides just cold temps.
It looks more than 2 1/2" to me also. Just enjoy it for a couple more months and stay warm. Use that time to get ready for the 2005 storm season.
I believe that it could around 2.5 inches because knowing where you're located there was probably already some snow on the ground.
Also it looks like your standing in a snow drift which would be a reasonable explanation if their was a blizzard occuring.

Actually that is all the snow on the ground.
No snow drifts at all. I should take a picture of my backyard and really show how much snow we got.