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pics: Supercell at Sunset

I snapped these pics from my back yard last night(8/25). Thought you guys would enjoy the scenery. The main updraft was very near Nocona, Texas and the FFD stretched well into Oklahoma. It went up on a dryline and was the only storm for hundreds of miles. My perspective was from about 35-40 miles west. The first(wide) shot wast taken @8:00 and the close shot was taken about 25 minutes later. I digitally enhanced the color by 5%.
And you wonder why its so fun to chase in the Red River Valley!
[Broken External Image]:http://cuddinfish.homestead.com/files/supercellwide.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://cuddinfish.homestead.com/files/supercellclose.jpg
John, sure you weren't in Norman when you took those pics? :) I had a similar view to my south! 8)
You gotta love living in the Plains!!!! :D