Pic of tornado - taken from airplane

Speaking of that... everyone please check that site... I know some of those pics are not his. I recognize some NOAA pics, all of which are not credited.
(She) appeared to put on the title "borrowed" photos on the root dir. Looks like just some crazy girl that lves her webcam and tornado pix to me.

I posted the picture for people to enjoy it - not to get critical. I guess that's the last time I'll post a pic like that.

I want to make sure I was not misunderstood here. Nobody has issue with somebody posting a link to a tornado picture. If the image is stolen and posted on somebody elses website, then posting a link to the website is welcome since it gives all of the opportunity to check it to look for our own copyrighted content. Nobody likes to see their stuff used without being compensated on their terms.

My understanding is that you were posting the link itself, and had nothing to do with posting copyrighted content without owner consent. Therefore, I didn't have any problem with your post. If my negative comment was taken that way, and you are innocent here (which I am still assuming), then I apologize for not being more clear with my post.
This looks suspiciously like the tornado I saw near Bird City Kansas on June 29th 2000. I have seen this picture before and it always has different dates on (this time it appears to be 1995 it was taken!)

I know that there was a plane in the vicinity when the tornado occured and I have seen an image remarkably similar to this of the tornado. It was an LP supercell and the tornado was an F1 and was on the ground for 19mins.....extremely photogenic.

Here is a link to Dave Ewoldt's web site and a pic of what we saw on the ground